Rolls - Alpha can supply labels on rolls to your specifications, whether for machine or hand application.

Shapes and Die Cuts - Alpha can cut your labels into various shapes, whether rectangles, squares, circles or more unusual designs. A cutting die used on the press allows for waste around the shape to be removed from the backing paper. This makes it easy for you to apply your labels, whether by hand or by machine.

Sheeted Labels - Alpha can supply your labels sheeted, meaning individually cut on their own backing sheets.

Computer Punched - Alpha can supply labels set up to your requirements on continuous fan-folded pages. Holes are computer-punched up the page sides, with perforations between pages.

Self-Adhesive Labels - Self-adhesive or pressure-sensitive labels have many advantages, foremost being ease of application. Labels can be produced in various ways to suit your requirements. You may need single labels, for hand-outs at trade shows, as giveaways, or on rolls to suit machine application to a product.
Standard adhesives come in both permanent and non-perm (removable) forms, but Alpha Label can advise you about the many other adhesives suited for special label applications or surfaces.

Specialised Labels - Alpha can also produce labels for specific uses, for example:

"Piggyback Labels" can be used for promotional purposes, whereby a label is adhered to a product and this label carries on it another label, which can be removed, including the backing and placed on any other item.

"Electrostatic Labels" are also used for promotional purposes, mostly on glass or very smooth surfaces, the label has to be a clear or white film which requires no adhesive and is held on to the product by static electricity. Which makes the labels easy to move. These labels can also be printed double sided to enable viewing from both sides through clear glass.

"Security Cut Labels" are labels that after printing have a series of security cuts placed across the face of the label, this ensures that the label cannot be removed intact, if removed the label is destroyed.

"Void Labels" are made from a special material. If the printed label is removed from its intended place, the word void is left on the product.

"Tamper-Proof Labels" are made from a special material that destroys itself when an attempt is made to remove the label.

"Service Labels" are the type of label you have on your windscreen to record the service details of your motor vehicle. They are printed on a clear material and can be read from both sides through glass.

"Asset Labels" are used on any items of value within a business, etc., they are consecutively numbered to enable recording of each individual item.

"Write and Seal Labels" can be used to hand write information onto part of a printed label, then a clear laminate flap is adhered over the writing to seal and protect. This protects the written information from being altered or deleted.

Stocks/Materials - Adhesive labels come in a variety of face stocks or surface materials. A gloss or matt finish paper is most common but there are also fluorescent colours, gold and silver metallised papers, silver aluminiums or a range of synthetics which come in clears, whites, silvers, etc.

Colours - Alpha can print labels in almost any colour you desire. Colours are commonly printed as solid inks, or can be 'screened' to produce a softer or lighter effect. Usually a one, two or three-colour label is printed using three 'spot' or Pantone colours, but a multi-coloured label (which may have a picture, for example) is usually produced using four 'process' colours: yellow, magenta, cyan and black. Of course there are other variations available to suit your requirements.

Numbering - Alpha Label can number your labels, either consecutively (eg. 1000, 1001, 1002, 1003, etc), or by any increment you require. Up to 6 digits can be used and letters can also be incorporated.

Barcodes - Alpha Label can produce barcodes, either normal or consecutive.

Screen Printing - Alpha can produce screen printed labels in sheets or rolls. This type of label is ideal for outdoor use, such as bumper stickers, etc., which are U.V. light resistant and will not fade.

Finishes - Alpha Label can hot foil or emboss your labels if you prefer. Quite often a high gloss varnish or an over laminate is a desired finish, either for appearance or for label protection.

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